Send Anywhere




Send and back up your files securely



Send Anywhere is a tool to back up any type of file you have on your device such that it can be downloaded from other devices.

With Send Anywhere, you can back up any file type, from photos and videos to other applications installed on your Android. Just select them and within seconds they'll be moved to the cloud.

Once the selected files are uploaded to the cloud, you can share them in lots of different ways – the two simplest being with the QR code generated by the app or with a special download code you can send out.

The best part of sending files using these codes (One Time Key) is that once the codes are used, they'll no longer be valid. This means only the person to whom you've sent the code will be able to download the files.

Send Anywhere is a practical app for backing up files, offering a versatile way to send said files to other people.
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